Request Procedures

Request Procedures



All requests for co-operation/ information sharing must be by way of a formal request, dated and signed by the relevant signatory of the asking institution.

In relation to enforcement matters, the formal request should include, but is not limited to the following:

  1.  The nature of the ongoing lawful investigation or official proceeding or inquiry;

  2.  A description of the statutory basis for the investigation and any accompanying statutory provisions that permit the request for assistance;

  3.  Reference to the specific information/ documentation required; and

  4.  A statement to the effect that the asking institutionRequesting Authority would:
    1. not make public use of the records without prior knowledge and approval of the ECSRC;

    2. notify the ECSRC of any legally enforceable demand for the records prior to complying with the demand, and assert such legal exemptions of privileges on behalf of the ECSRC as may be requested; and

    3. not grant any other demand or request for records without prior notice and consent by the ECSRC.